Bitcoin Explosion in Three Charts

The Bitcoin Explosion in three charts.

  1. A spike in Google searches for Bitcoin on Tuesday (Post the Senate hearings)
  2. Bitcoin Searches peaked in November
  3. Interest in Bitcoin vs. Gold via search
Bitcoin mania in three chartsThe Internet just can’t get enough of bitcoin. That much was apparent this week, which kicked off with two Senate hearings on virtual currencies. While the hearings included many questions about bitcoin’s potential for criminal activity, the Treasury Department’s Jennifer Shasky Calvery noted that cash is still the best way to launder money.

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  1. Ryanne Mackendoerfer says:

    Why is there no talk of other crypto markets? BitCoin value is DOWN 5% today… don’t leave your investments there, instead trade your BTCs for an upcoming crypto market (via cryptsy)…. Smaller markets are going up by 1000% in a day ( I bought Zetacoins (ZET) at $0.02 per coin via cryptsy yesterday and the value today has doubled making me $10k… I’m buying more today due to no sign of slow down and no press for Zetacoins yet so potential for huge returns is sky high, I see them at least $.40 next week. I’d advise you to get some now, or really regret it next week

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