About this site
I created this site to document my journey as I research, learn, and buy Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. I consider myself an average investor and a complete newbie to Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

I’ll document my progress mainly with videos and blog posts. I’ll also post the latest news in this fast moving niche. My hope is to create a one stop shop for all beginner investors interested in cryptocurrency.

Where do I start?
I’m in the process of creating a “Getting Started Guide” for newbies, in hopes that people can learn from my mistakes. Look for this guide soon.

Until then, watch these short videos about Bitcoin.

A Word of caution
I do not work in the financial industry and I do not in any way represent myself as a financial advisor, consultant or CPA. I’m far from that! Im just a guy interested in financial markets, economies, currencies and digital technologies.


This site documents my journey and does NOT offer any financial or legal advise. Please consult a certified professional before investing in anything!