Apple Bumps Bitcoin App



Apple Bumps Coinbase’s Bitcoin App From The App Store, Android App Lives OnTime to chalk another one up for cryptocurrency bitcoin’s reputation as a disruptor in the financial world? Today, news comes that Coinbase – the YC-incubated startup that offers a bitcoin buying and trading platform for consumers, and APIs to developers to integrate bitcoin payments into apps and websites – has had its iOS app pulled from the App Store by Apple, less than a month after it first appeared.

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Travel the World Using Bitcoin

“In the end, despite skepticism from friends, family and the bitcoin community itself, the Craigs managed to live on bitcoin for over three months.”

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itBit Raises $3.25 Million


itBit Raises $3.25 Million To Launch A New Global Bitcoin Exchange For Institutional InvestorsThere are a number of Bitcoin exchanges out there today, but a new startup called itBit hopes to legitimize the market by providing bank-like security and compliance. This newest Bitcoin exchange has raised $3.25 million in a funding round co-led by Canaan Partners and RRE Ventures, with participation from Liberty City Ventures, as well angel investors such as Jay W.

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Bitcoin is Just Jeating Up

Fortress’s Novogratz says bitcoin is in ‘inning 3 of a 9 inning game’Michael Novogratz, principal and director of Fortress Investment Group LLC , says bitcoin is just heating up. He made headlines after praising the virtual currency at a conference in late October, adding that he had bought bitcoins a few months before, according to reports.

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What is Bitcoin?

Could Bitcoin Go To $37,815?



In One Slide, Here’s Why Bitcoin Bulls Think It Could Go To $37,815Bitcoin is having another huge day. It’s almost at $400. Earlier this week, it was around $250. So how high could it go? There’s a private fund called the Bitcoin Investment Trust being sold through Second Market. They have a presentation making the case for why Bitcoin could potentially go much, much higher.

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